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American Insurance Marketing, LLC

The Health Insurance Place

Founded by Joe Fortunato, American Insurance Marketing and The Health Insurance Place offer clients; Medicare coverage options, and group health plans. With a focus on Health Tech; Tyler and Joe partnered to continue the growth of the The Health Insurance Place and American Insurance Marketing.

Bio Rejuv, LLC - My Roof Rejuv


TrimRX Holdings, LLC is the founding partner and primary investor in Bio Rejuv, LLC. An organic plant based solution that extends the lifespan of asphalt shingles, vinyl siding, composite decking and manufactured stone. Roof Rejuv is a certified USDA Bio-Preferred Product. 

Allegheny Angel Investment Fund


Tyler is a member of the fund and investor in the following companies. 

  • Gilson Snow 


  • PittMoss

  • Conservation Labs

  • Reflexion

  • InspectionGo

  • LifeAire Systems


THOR uses analytics and engages with dynamic research partners to advance the science of investing. THOR is focused on equity based strategies (20) total including Global, ESG, Equity, and Domestic ETF strategies. THOR does not custody or trade assets on behalf of investors and or clients. The goal of our organization is to provide the best available research to the financial advisor community. In 2022 THOR launched NYSE:THLV, a low volatility ETF. 

ETF Action

Built by financial professionals, for financial professionals, ETF Action streamlines the investment process, from initial research to comparative analysis to portfolio construction.

Mihalko's Contracting, Inc. 


Tyler started working with Mihalko's in 2013. The company's operations and sales were both restructured, new technology was implemented to streamline communications. Today, Mihalko's is the prime restoration services provider in Western, PA for the twelve largest insurance carriers in North America. 

Rent Jungle & Community Elf


In 2009 Tyler was introduced to Jon Pastor & Geng Wang, Founders of Rent Jungle and Community Elf. The Pittsburgh based company was in need of a Vice President of Business Services to oversee sales and digital strategies. During his time at Rent Jungle & Community Elf Tyler secured over $150,000 in Google AdWords Grants for local non-profits. In 2014 Rent Jungle and Community Elf were acquired by larger entities.


Cambria County Bridge to Pittsburgh - DoD


The economic downturn in 2008 fueled a decrease in federal defense contracts leading to decreased business for defense related companies. In 2014 the county learned that we were second in the nation as far as communities negatively impacted by the reduction of defense contracting. Funded by the United States Department of Defense – Office of Economic Adjustment, Cambria County conducted a study in 2015 to help identify strategies on how our local defense contractors could diversify so that our economy can remain strong as cuts in defense spending continue. In 2016 the county received additional funding to implement these strategies.

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