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Business is personal - be a good leader

It is our belief that no matter how much technology continues to be introduced into companies. The fact remains that a business cannot be successful without great people leading, working, and taking care of the company they work for like it is their very own.

When new leadership enters a business there are traditionally two paths the organization travels. The valued employees of the employer embrace the new model and growth potential with a new leader, or flat out revolt against it.

New leaders are always going to prefer that the current and experienced staff want to grow and engage with new ideas, taking the existing business to higher levels.

Leaders in many ways are like parents whether you are a biological parent or step parent the goal is to have a strong relationship with your kids. New leadership that practices stoic humility is often more successful coming into an existing business and rallying the stakeholders (AKA the employees/step children)

New leadership that rushes new plans and doesn’t listen will surly turnover trusted staff. In some cases it won’t matter how hard a new leader works at engaging existing staff, the hard reality is that some folks just aren’t cut out to work together. Trust your gut on this one... if it doesn't feel right in the first six months it isn't going to feel good in six years.

As President Eisenhower once said. “The best leaders simply ask, what do you think?”


Be a trusted leader, not an untrustworthy one.

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