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Debt vs. Prosperity is it all the same?

The divide continues in Washington D.C. and outside the beltway it is broadly impacting the rest of us. The majority of the country believes another round of #stimulus is critical to aid in the #recovery of the overall #economy. As a Moderate Conservative, I would tend to agree that another cash injection is critical to help those in need. Specifically, the tourism/travel, food/beverage, and entertainment industries. Which not only includes companies but also individuals employed in those industries.

Pushing out another SMALL round of stimulus dollars is warranted.

A giant $2 Trillion package is fiscally irresponsible and erratic.

The national debt has created prosperity, or so we think. Debt has become a number that nobody really seems concerned with anymore. Our economies are so intertwined globally. Maybe it really is irrelevant, until its not. Listening to the IMF talk about global debt clearly exposes their overall dream of a global electronic currency. The ultimate equal playing field?

The nation is going to continue to spin out of control. Until Washington stuffs itself full of elected officials that believe in the meaning of public service, term limits, and leaving our future generations with a fighting chance. The debacle that extreme leftists and the super right have given us, may very well be the opportunity to push forward a third party.

As my super savvy wife said. "There are so many issues that both sides are hindered by and some of these issues run so deep. Coming to the middle provides us all (red, blue... green and purple) the opportunity to dig down into the main sources of these problems rather than the effect of the problems (not to negate the effects, they are horrible!). Treating the symptoms doesn't work anymore, we have to look at the whole system. This is just ONE of the many problems with the system causing these chain reaction of symptoms. What can we do to change it?" (#TERMLIMITS)

Nancy Pelosi is sharp, she sees the President's re-election weakness as an opening to provide bailouts to the major democratic hubs that have completely bombed at managing their cities and local governments; costing tax payers billions of dollars because of complete disregard and and often times corruption. President Donald Trump, who has coined himself a "fiscal conservative" now agrees that trillions in stimulus is important. He's not concerned with losing the Senate for the Republican's, he's concerned with losing the election for himself. Here's what he said about Senator McConnell. “He’ll be on board if something comes,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, on Tuesday morning on “Fox and Friends.” “Not every Republican agrees with me, but they will.” - New York Times

Leadership from this lens will never work. There is a vast difference between disagreeing with your opponent and believing their views are outside the realm of acceptable discourse. And if you believe your opponent's views are outside the realm of acceptable discourse, its a very short trip to conclude that they shouldn't enjoy the right to speak at all - David French - Divided we fail.

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